Opt Out

Opt-Out Policy

Opt-Out of OpenMeta’s Database by Using the Form.  If you decide to opt-out in this way, we will stop using your data in OpenMeta’s proprietary database to help our customers send or tailor ads and content to you, including through email, direct mail or online display marketing. It usually takes us between 30 and 60 days to process this opt-out through all of our databases. Doing so will not opt you out of our customers’ or our partners’ databases, you will only be removed from OpenMeta’s database– so other companies that we work with may still send ads, offers and content to you.


Unsubscribing from Our Emails.  In addition, when we send an email to you, whether on our behalf or on behalf of a client, we will provide a way for you to opt-out of receiving emails from us in the future.